About Me

I’m a father to three loving hellions who arrived within three years of each other. A Canadian living in Norway. I’m also a husband to a magical being who is wild enough to accompany me on this journey.

This blog is to chronicle my experiences and reflections on being a father. The primary idea is to share this with the little ones when they’re older. Maybe they’ll get a kick out of it. They’ll probably be embarrassed. Whatever it may be, hopefully it’ll be insightful. To hear the ramblings of their old man, peering into his head in snapshots of time will only be so interesting, I guess.

Secondarily though, it’d be great to have this serve other dads (or moms / parents /etc.) out there as a place to remind each other that we’re all in this process together. Parenting is challenging. It isn’t easy and despite the masks we all wear when we’re out and meeting one another in public, we all know the joys, challenges and everything in between, that being a parent (or in my case, a dad) can bring.